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Backup Rings

Back up Rings are manufactured in a variety of styles including, SOLID, SPIRAL, CONTOURED, BUTT SPLIT AND SCARF SPLIT. Their purpose is to prevent the O Ring from entering the clearance void in the machine if pressure is extensive on the O Ring, causing possible premature failure.

A Seal Plastics are manufacturers of various sizes of metric and imperial Back up Rings and can produce them in a number of materials: VIRGIN PTFE, GLASS FILLED PTFE, BRONZE FILLED PTFE, CARBON FILLED PTFE, NYLON, ACETAL, GLASS FILLED NYLON, PHENOLIC, PEEK, GLASS FILLED PEEK AND EKINOL.


Astio™ Bur

PTFE astio - PTFE Manufacturers

To back up O rings

Contoured Profile Rings

PTFE contoured rings - PTFE Manufacturers

High pressure profile rings

Solid/Split Bur

PTFE split bur 1 - PTFE Manufacturers

Back up ring or solid

Spiral Rings

PTFE spiral rings - PTFE Manufacturers

Specialised back up rings

Our Clients

We have a diverse client base that each uses various plastic seals and components for the industry..